Our treatment team takes charge of those who are able-bodied, semi-invalid, invalid and those suffering from mental illness, providing that their presence is not a danger for other residents and does not disturb their rest.

Medical care 24 hours a day

The infirmary service is available 24 hours a day for residents.

Its personnel is constantly informed of ongoing treatments, so that they can optimally take charge of patients.


Upon medical prescription, our chief physiotherapist Benoît and his 4 colleagues will provide you with all necessary physiotherapy, seven days a week!

Our physiotherapy and recovery room is well equipped and particularly adapted for physiotherapy specific to elderly people.

Physiotherapy subject to medical prescription is included for persons having a mutual insurance policy.

We also organise daily collective gymnastic sessions.

Lastly, in the afternoon, the physiotherapy room is open to those who wish to freely take a little exercise…

Occupational Therapy

Highly dependent persons are taken charge of daily in the occupational therapy room by a multidisciplinary team, from 08:30 to 18:30.

Under the responsibility of an occupational therapist, events are also organised every afternoon, as well as appropriate and varied activities.

Spa Treatment

A room equipped with a bath specially designed for dependent persons and enabling massage by water jet, as well as aromatherapy, is installed alongside the physiotherapy room.

It is an area devoted to well-being and relaxation.

Dental Treatment

A dental treatment service is organised alongside the Residence.

If you would like an appointment, you may contact our receptionists.